The Leaf Monster

One autumn day Shadow the wolf and Tony the bear were walking through the woods looking at the beautiful leaves that were changing colors. They thought it was going to be an ordinary hike but something very unusual, creepy and scary happened on their journey.

leaf monsterSuddenly Shadow and Tony stopped because they saw a huge pile of leaves shaking. Shadow was curious. Shadow and Tony raced spontaneously and tumbled towards the leaf pile. Tony grabbed a stick and carefully poked the pile.

Suddenly, out of the leaf pile came a ferocious growl. Then a large leafy head emerged. Next, a tornado appeared and a monstrous body started to form. Shadow and Tony were scared and they began to fall backwards.

The leaf monster picked up one foot and cried, “HELP! I have a splinter in my foot.” Shadow asked, “Who are you?”

“My name is Godfrey,” the leaf monster said. Then Godfrey stood up very tall and straight. Shadow and Tony gasped because Godfrey was 9 feet tall! Godfrey grabbed his sore foot and started hopping and bumping into the trees. The trees began to shake and fall down.

Soon Shadow and Tony heard a loud sound coming from the sky. The leaves on the ground started whirling and a large helicopter landed near them. The pilot got out and said, “What is the problem?”

Shadow and Tony told him about the large splinter that Godfrey got after Tony poked the leaf pile. Then the pilot used his tweezers to pull it out. “OUCH!” yelled Godfrey. Godfrey noticed that his foot felt so much better.

Godfrey thanked the pilot for taking out his huge splinter. Godfrey said he was sorry he had knocked down the leaves and trees. Everyone became best buddies. They raked up all the leaves that had fallen when Godfrey knocked down the trees. Then the four new friends jumped in the humongous leaf pile they had made. At the end of the day everyone went back to their home.

Written by Mrs. Wright’s class

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