I Pod Investigation

One day after I woke up I got my glasses and I reached for my I Pod but… IT WASN’T THERE! I quickly raninvestigate downstairs and I looked on the shelf but it wasn’t there. I looked on the table but it still wasn’t there. So I asked my mom for help.

I looked in the bathrooms. My mom looked on the counter. I looked in my room and my mom helped by looking under the bean bag and she FOUND IT! I hugged her.

She gave it to me but she said that I could not play with it until 12:00. I frowned because 12:00 was an hour away! So I grabbed my toy guns and ran outside. I came back in to check the time. I still had 30 minutes so I went back out. When I came back in it was 12:00 then I hopped on my I Pod.

Written by Carter


9 thoughts on “I Pod Investigation

  1. Carter, that was a great idea to use scottiescribes and your story for your reading homework. Many other people have also enjoyed your story.

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