Curious George Goes to School

This is George. He is a good little monkey and always curious. One day George used his rocket boots to go to Loch Lomond School.

curious george3Curious George saw the class going to Art and George followed the class. George tripped over a rope and the bucket of paint fell on Ms. Ivan.

At recess George was playing with Austin. They were playing with water guns. George tried to squirt Austin. A kindergartener was behind Austin and the water gun splashed on the kindergartener. He fell but he didn’t get hurt.

Soon it was lunch time for George. At the lunch table Ranch salad dressing got squirted on George’s head. He thought the sky was falling. His nice friend Hy told him Austin did it. Then George, Hy and Austin got in a food fight. George went to the office and got into trouble. So now he was friendly to Austin.

Then George wanted to do good things because he felt bad. At dismissal he hoped to come back to school because it was fun at Loch Lomond. Then he bumped into Emely and George started arguing again. He had not learned his lesson!

Written by Hy

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