Helping Batman

One day Christian and I went to the city. We heard about a bank robbery. We tried to find Batman and we found the Bat Cave in the woods.We hacked in there to tell Batman about the bank robbery. He listened and then we told him to tell Robin. He did and we tried to find Superman.

batmanBatman knew where his secret lair was so we went there. We told Superman about the bank robbery and then we left to go find Spiderman. Christian found Spiderman swinging in the air from his webs. We told Superman to fly up there to tell Spiderman. He listened to Superman.

We wanted to go straight to the bank to capture the bad guys. Batman told Christian and me to scurry to the bank to take care of some of the bad guys and they would take care of the rest. Then ten minutes later we were done. I gasped because we had stopped the bank robbery.

Then the news came to talk with us. We talked for a little while at the TV station. Batman said that we made a good team and whenever there is trouble that we will help save the city.

written by Ashley

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