The Stolen Crown

Once upon a time there was a knight who lived in a kingdom.  He was brave and smart.  His name was Mr. Awesome.  He was going to be king. When he was going to be king, he was going to protect his kingdom.  Today Mr. Awesome was going to be knightking.

Suddenly the ground started shaking.  Then fire came out of nowhere.  A dragon flew down and took his crown.  He flew away.  Mr. Awesome was going to get his crown back.

He went on an adventure.  He was walking for a long time when he found a troll.  The troll was going to help him.  So they went on to find the crown.  The troll led him to some caves and he went in one of the caves.  He found the dragon.  The knight fought the dragon.  The dragon was tough to beat, but the knight slayed him.

The knight got his crown back and became king.

Written by Efrain

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