The Lucky Dragon Eggs

There once were two leprechauns who lived in a rainbow.  One was named Mick and the other was named Lucky.  So Mick dragon eggsgot bored and he said, “Do you want to take a walk?”Lucky said, “No!”

So Mick went by himself.  He stopped and saw this big volcano.  Mick climbed up and slipped.  He fell and he held onto a rock. He climbed up and up, and on top of the volcano was lava.  He also saw eggs.  The eggs were dragon eggs.

Dragon eggs were lucky.  He was going to take them home.  He heard stomping.  He looked right and left and behind him.  Then he looked forward and saw a gigantic dragon.  Mick took the dragon eggs and ran.  The dragon raised its wings and roared and knocked the eggs out of Mick’s hands.  Mick screamed for help.  It did not work.  Mick slipped out of the dragon’s grip.  He fell on a rock.  He ran quickly and got back home.

On the way he picked up a four leaf clover.  He took it home and put it in his clover collection.  It is safer to collect four leaf clovers instead of dragon eggs.

Written by Bradein

3 thoughts on “The Lucky Dragon Eggs

  1. It is cool because one of the people climbed up and then slipped off the volcano and then he climbed back up with her.

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