The Button

Once upon a time there was a pup named Madel. He was a little weak but smart. He had a friend named Lapiz. She was buttonstrong but dumb as a rock. One day Madel and Lapiz went to the park. Then Lapiz saw a button and pushed it.

The whole world started to wobble. In an instant they were in the same world, except there were ghost pups instead of just pups.  Madel grabbed Lapiz before they got in the other world, but they got separated from each other. Madel was so scared from the ghosts that he chased his tail. Lapiz was in the forest and she saw ghosts and started to bark at them really loud.

There was a ghost named Darwin that was strong and not afraid.  In a while Darwin and Lapiz became friends. Darwin and Lapiz went to find Madel. He was cornered. Then Lapiz and Darwin barked and the ghosts were gone. Darwin showed them where the button was. They pushed it and went back to the park.

Written by Idca


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