The Brave Rainbows

Once upon a time there were two rainbows that lived in the sky. Their names were Emmy and Gavin.They always had fun.

double rainbowOne day Rainbow Emmy was looking at the birds. Meanwhile Rainbow Gavin was smiling at the birds. Emmy called the birds. She did not know that the birds were evil.

When she called the birds they came, but they were so mean that they made Rainbow Emmy cry.  She knew what to do, so she scared the birds away.  She was proud of herself.

Gavin was frightened of birds. Gavin gasped and he said, “Wow!  That was cool. I wish I could do that!” He was way too scared to do that.  Rainbow Emmy said, “You are not scared or too small!”

Gavin got brave and scared the birds away from him too.  The days went by and the birds never came back to bother them.

Written by Dayana



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