Mitis Wants Gold

Once upon a time there were two leprechauns that lived in a field of clovers.  They had a lot of gold.

Mitis was a man that leprecaunlived nearby.  Mitis desired gold so much that he took the gold pot out of Cory’s house and put it in the box but he dropped a gold trail all the way to his house.

Tager and Cory followed the gold trail to Mitis’s house and Tager came up with a plan.  He gave Mitis one million four leaf clovers for the gold.  Mitis said, “There must be hundreds of lucky clovers there! He took the trade.

Tager and Cory tricked Mitis.  There were only three leaf clovers and they were not lucky.  They got their gold back.

Written by Caden


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