The Crazy Karate Class

One sunny day I went walking to karate class with my dad. My class was just starting and I made it just in time. I streaked to karate girlthe building.

My class had just started to practice kicking the punching bag. I kicked the punching bag so hard it broke and water splashed all the way to the Great Lakes.

Then my class did 800,000 pushups but I did 900,000 pushups. We finished. Then we started to practice doing jump kicks. I was the first one in line to do a jump kick. I was so excited when I did my jump kick. I jumped so high I went over my karate school. My dad said, “Wow! You landed in Texas.”

I was so tired and thirsty from practicing I drank water all day long. My dad was so proud of me. We went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate.

A tall tale written by Ashley

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