Trapped in the Coral Reef

Sally Dolphin, Bob Shark and Mr. Puffer lived in the beautiful, humongous Baltimore Aquarium. Every day they loved to swim and watch the people who came to visit the aquarium. All day long Sally liked to streak quickly through the water. Then she would jump high in the air and dive deep into the water. Sally loved to play this way all day long.

dolphin and pufferBob Shark was mean to the other sea animals. He chased them all around the aquarium and Bob wanted to eat them. Bob tried to eat Mr. Puffer because puffer fish is his favorite food. Mr. Puffer was always afraid and puffed up when Bob was near him.

One day Bob chased Sally near the coral reef. Sally tried to escape from Bob Shark. She wove in and out of the beautiful, colorful coral reef. Suddenly, Sally tried to squeeze through a space in the coral but seaweed blocked the opening and she got stuck!

Sally wiggled, twisted, turned and swung her tail but she still couldn’t get free. She knew that she needed to get to the surface of the water to breathe. Sally yelled, “HELP, HELP. I’M STUCK. COME SAVE ME!!!

Bob Shark got excited because he thought Sally might be his dinner. YUM, YUM!!! He slowly circled around Sally waiting to make his move.

Mr. Puffer heard Sally’s screams and knew that Sally was in trouble. Mr. Puffer streaked as fast as he could to save Sally. When Mr. Puffer was almost there he slowed down and silently swam to Sally. He didn’t want Bob Shark to see him.

Mr. Puffer started to eat the seaweed that had trapped Sally. Soon Sally was free. Mr. Puffer decided he had to be brave. Mr. Puffer puffed up until he was six feet tall and he started to distract Bob Shark. First, he poked Bob in his belly. Then, Mr. Puffer began to chase Bob. Now Bob was scared and swam away quickly.

Sally Dolphin swam out of the coral reef and went up to the surface. She gasped a huge breath of air. She was happy she could breathe now. Mr. Puffer found Sally and asked her if she was OK. Sally said, “Yes, and what happened to Bob Shark?”

Mr. Puffer told Sally how he scared Bob and chased him away. They were so happy to be safe. Then they went to Sweet Frog to get ice cream to celebrate.

~written by Mrs. Wright’s second grade class


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