Did you know that the thread snake can be as small as a toothpick? There are many different kinds of snakes and the smallest is the thread snake. It is only about 10 centimeters long. A snakes’ skin can be gray or brown and sometimes it has a pattern.

reticulated pyton

Reticulated Python

Did you know that cobras are able to tell the difference between their trainer and strangers at a zoo?

The biggest snake is the reticulated python. It can grow up to 33 feet long! The anaconda weighs as much as four hundred pounds. A baby elephant can weigh that much.

The rattle snake rattles its tail to scare away its enemies.Some snakes use their tongues to smell so they can find food. Some snakes live in the grass or in the water. Snakes can eat pigs, mice, eggs, lizards and frogs.

It is fun to learn about snakes. I wonder if there is a purple snake. I wish I could see a purple snake up close.

written by Gabriella

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