Polar Bears

I think polar bears would not make a good pet because polar bears are wild animals and they live near the North Pole. They polar bear2live on the edge of the ice pack.

Polar bears have transparent white fur with black skin.They are 10 feet tall. They are the largest of all bears.The polar bears favorite food is seal. Polar bears can smell a seal through ice that is three feet thick. They also eat walrus, sea lions and fish.

Male polar bears do not hibernate.Female polar bears build a maternity den in the snow and ice.

Polar bears are excellent swimmers. They swim using the dog paddle. They can swim farther than 50 miles at one stretch.

Did you know a polar bear can eat a human but that it rarely happens because not many people live near the polar bears. Did you also know that all polar bears are left-handed?

written by Katherine

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