The Great Elf Invasion

The Great Elf Invasion is a progressive story written by the entire school – grades K – 5th. Each class wrote a few sentences and then passed it on to another class so they could add their sentences. No one knew how the story would develop or end. I think all of our students did a great job on their first progressive story. I hope you enjoy reading it.  ~ Mrs. Wright


Once upon a time there was a quiet community in Manassas.  All of the children attended a pleasant and wonderful school called Loch Lomond Elementary School.  The children were busy reading, writing, and doing lots of math, when they heard a elfracket in the hall.  The children peeked out of their doors and saw elves running through the hallways.  The elves whispered, “Come on! Come! Let’s have some fun!”

The children asked the elves what they were doing in school.  The elves said, “Santa is watching you, and we came to see how much fun school can be!”

Then the children invited the elves into the classroom, but they had no idea that this would be their worst nightmare.  First, the elves ran to the students’ desks and began ripping papers and throwing them around the room.  Next, they cut down all of the projects hanging from the ceiling.  Then they created an obstacle course using yoga balls and desks.  Finally, they saw the Frisbee and began playing elf games.  The elves were making a huge mess!  The Frisbee flew through a window and a ball broke the Smartboard.  Snow began to fall and the elves got even more excited.  All of the sudden, the elves playing Frisbee tag knocked over all of the book boxes, shelves, and the teacher!  “Go to the office and talk to Mrs. Werle right now!” yelled the teacher.

The elves pretended to listen to the teacher.  They streaked down the hall, but when they saw the gym, they went inside it instead of Mrs. Werle’s office.  Mr. C had a substitute teacher and Mrs. Colvin’s class was playing dodge ball.  The elves jumped into the middle of the dodge ball game, and they were superfast!  Mr. C returned to school and walked into the gym.  All of the naughty elves threw dodge balls at him.  Then the elves ran across the net and took the other team’s dodge balls.  That was against the rules, but the elves didn’t care!  They threw their dodge balls again at Mr. C and raced into the lunch room.

They ran to where Miss Daly’s class was sitting and jumped on the tables.  Next, they grabbed all of the deserts and wanted more.  So they headed into the kitchen.  The lunch ladies saw the elves coming and tried to lock the doors, but the mischievous elves were too speedy.  Like monkeys in the jungle, the elves jumped on the hanging pots and pans.  One of the energetic elves suddenly spotted a gigantic, vanilla seven layer cake freshly baked for Mrs. Scotto’s class celebration.  They had earned the celebration by making their AR Goals.

Elvis, the elf in charge, plunged head first into the cake which splattered EVERYWHERE!  As Mrs. Werle walked through the door with her radio in hand, the sneaky little elves started throwing cake at her.  Fearing for their lives, the elves quickly escaped out the back door and ran toward the playground.

Mrs. Dominick’s and Miss Clark’s class were outside on the playground having recess.  The mean, naughty, sneaky elves took the jump ropes from the kids and tied the teachers up.  Mr. Chris came outside and was able to rescue Mrs. Dominick.  But the elves ran off with Miss Clark.  Everyone was in a panic!  Miss Clark was gone.  While Mrs. Dominick lined up both classes, she sent Shaney and Beverly to let the main office know what had happened.  They both sprinted as fast as they could around the bus loop.  As they burst into the main door Mrs. Almond, startled, shouted, “What is going on?”

Beverly was only able to say a few words, “Miss Clark!  They took her!”

Mrs. Almond flew out of her chair and rushed to the intercom.  She announced, “Teachers please close and lock all doors!  We are currently on lockdown!”

So everyone in the school turned off their lights, and shut and locked their doors.  They made sure the window blinds were closed and the students went to hide in their classrooms where no one could see them.  The whole school was quiet!  All of the sudden there was a loud sound over the intercom.  Everyone could hear bells…bells jingling.  The bells got louder and louder.  Then the whole school heard, “HO! HO! HO!”

You could hear all the students gasp!  “Could that be Santa?” everyone was thinking,  but in the third grade hall the students kept hearing, “Help me! Help me! Someone help me!”

It was coming from the gifted room.  One brave student from Mrs. Rigg’s class, peeked out the  door window and saw Miss Clark tied up with candy canes and wrapping paper.  Then Miss Rigg’s class rounded up all of the third grade classes to save Miss Clark.  They snuck to the gifted room and quickly untied the wrapping paper and candy canes.  The elves saw them saving Miss Clark and they came closer carrying a ginormous candy cane.  It scared the third grade students and they stepped back.  At that moment the elves hooked Miss Clark in the curve of the candy cane and swooped her back to them.

The third graders ran after the elves, but the elves threw candy canes at them tripping them.  The elves rounded a corner and disappeared.  The third grade decided to regroup and think of a plan.  They walked down to the library where Mrs. Costlow’s class was reading.  The third grade and Mrs. Costlow’s class grabbed all of the books in the library.  They used them to block every door in the school.  That way the elves couldn’t escape outside.

While students were blocking the doors with books, Mrs. Costlow sent a special ops team of four students, two boys and two girls, to go capture the elves.  The special ops team saw the elves with Miss Clark in their arms, sprinting down the lower circle hallway.  They threw magical sleeping darts at the elves.  The elves had quick instincts and grabbed Miss Clark and used her as a shield.  The sleeping darts hit Miss Clark and she fell asleep instantly.  She fell to the floor.  Her fall sounded like glass breaking into pieces.  Her head bobbled like a bobblehead.

When Miss Clark woke up her memory lost.  The elves decided to take advantage of Miss Clark’s memory loss.  They told her that she was an elf and should be in Santa’s shop.  The elves told her that first they were being naughty to the children in the school to show the kids what happens when you are disrespectful.  Miss Clark went along with what the elves said and then the group headed down to Miss Daly’s class.  The elves broke the window on the door, so they could unlock the door and get into the room.  When they entered the room, Santa Clause appeared behind them.  Santa Clause and the elves grabbed Miss Daly and dragged her from the room.

Mrs. Colvin’s class saw what happened and they were ready to save the day.  They found Mr. C all bruised up and grabbed as many dodge balls as they could to throw at the annoying elves.  When they hit the elves, they crumbled to pieces and they realized that they were not elves at all.  They were gingerbread men.  They started running and got away, except Santa Clause.

Mrs. Colvin’s class figured out that Santa was not real either, so Kevin and Cesar tackled him.  When they did lightning shot out of the imposter’s hand.  The lightning bolt struck Miss Clark.  She looked confused and said, “Why am I wearing an elf costume?”  The rest of the class ripped off the fake Santa’s mask.  It turned out that the fake Santa was really an evil wizard baker.  With a poof of his magic he and Miss Daly disappeared!  Miss Clark was safe but confused.

Mrs. Garzione’s class snuck out of the room and gathered the other second grade classes.  They wanted to help.  Maddison, from Miss Clark’s class, found Mrs. Garzione and told her about the wizard baker and his crazy army of gingerbread men.  She told her how they captured Miss Daly.  Mrs. Garzione looked out the window and saw Miss Daly tied up with candy canes and wrapping paper.  She was surrounded by gingerbread men and the wizard baker.

Maddison ran to Mrs. Almond and told her to announce the plan.  Mrs. Almond came over the loud speaker and told all of the students to get their lunch milk.  The whole school all at once rushed out the doors and dumped all of the milk on the gingerbread men.  They melted and the evil wizard baker ran away.  Miss Daly, Miss Clark, and Loch Lomond were saved!

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