Fun in the Leaves

One windy fall day Ashley Chipmunk, Mike Raccoon and Christian Snake were trudging through the colorful leaves in the woods. They found some very colorful leaves. Then Ashley Chipmunk said, “Let’s build a giant pile of leaves,” but they didn’t leaf pile jpgknow how to make one. So they tried to make one by raking the leaves. Their rakes kept bumping into each other.

Next, Ashley Chipmunk said, “Let’s build a pile of leaves but we should do it a different way.” They decided that they could use their leaf blower or find another pile of leaves. They found the leaf blower near the leaves.

Then they used the leaf blower to make a humongous pile of leaves. They worked for 3 hours and then they were finished. They tried hard not to mess up the leaf pile.Then they jumped into the giant pile.They had lots of fun jumping in the pile of leaves.

Then they used their leaf blower to get home.They turned the leaf blower on and it took them to the sky. It blew all of them safely home. At home they had hot chocolate and watched a movie. Then they went to sleep glad to be snug and warm in their bunk beds.

written by Ashley

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