A Trip to the Forest

One blustery day Beary Bear, Wolfy Wolf and Foxy Fox went to Prince William Forest. Foxy Fox got there first. Wolfy Wolf got there second and Beary Bear got there third. Then they saw a gigantic pile of leaves.

leaf pile 2jpgFoxy Fox and Wolfy Wolf jumped into the pile of leaves. They said, “That was fun!” but Beary Bear said, “I am scared to jump into the pile of leaves.” Then the three friends held hands and jumped together into the pile.

Suddenly, Wolfy Wolf broke through the ground and made a big, deep hole! They started yelling, “HELP, HELP, HELP!” Then Wolfy Wolf’s friends heard them and came to help. They brought a rope and got them out.

Beary Bear, Foxy Fox and Wolfy Wolf and their friends played in the park until dinner time. Then they went back to their house.

written by Emily

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