Curious George Travels in a Flying Car

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always curious. George wanted to go to school. So George got ready for curious george 2school. The man with the yellow hat took George to school in his flying car.

When he got to school he ate breakfast. When he heard the bell he thought it was the fire alarm. Then he followed a class, but it was not a fire alarm because Mrs. Rigg’s class went to P.E.

Mr. C. said they were playing four corner dodge ball, but George didn’t know the rules. So when he threw the dodge ball, it accidentally hit Ashley’s face and made her nose bleed. Mr. C. asked Karen to walk Ashley to the nurse. Mr. C. made George stay out of the rest of the game.

When P.E. was finished George saw Room 209. which was Mrs. Wright’s class. George went inside the classroom. The kids were writing a story . George started making monkey noises. He was disturbing the kids and they couldn’t think. Mrs. Wright told George to be quiet and got him some paper to write a story. George wrote a story about a frog.

At the end of the day, George got in the car rider line and George got back into the flying car. The man with the yellow hat flew his flying car and they went home.

Written by Joseph

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