Curious George Goes to Elementary School

This is George. He was a good little monkey and always very curious. One day George and the man in the yellow hat woke up. The man in the yellow hat gave George his breakfast. Then the man and George rode the monster truck to school.

curious george3When they got to school George was shy. Then he was curious because people were going inside. So he followed the people.

Then a group of children went to P.E. Mr.C. said, “We are going to play basketball.” George climbed the pole and dropped the ball into the net.The class said George was cheating. George kept on cheating. His team kept on winning. Mr. C. told George to sit out of the game because he kept on cheating.

Then it was time to leave. George didn’t want to leave but he went to the bathroom with the class. In the bathroom George made a flood at the sink. Then George ran as fast as he could.
Then he ran to the library door. George wanted a book so he took 3 books. Then he took all of the fiction books. He said he would never return the books.

Again, George ran. Mrs.Werle called the man in the yellow hat. George didn’t want to get grounded so he cleaned up his mess in the bathroom. Then he returned all the books to the library.

Soon George saw the man in the yellow hat come in the office. Mrs.Werle told him that George was being good. Then the man with the yellow hat took George home in the monster truck. Now George likes school.

Written by Alexis

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