Jungle Hide and Seek

One time in the jungle Mia and Liz, the cheetahs, were playing hide and go seek. Liz was counting and Mia was hiding in the cheetahsyellow grass. Liz looked in the bushes and the tall, yellow grass. Liz went right by Mia because Mia was camouflaged in the grass.

As soon as Liz past Mia, Mia surged far into the jungle. Then Liz heard a loud noise. Liz asked, “Is that you, Mia?” but there was no answer. Liz got really scared and kept looking for help to find Mia.

Mia was hiding behind a big, tall tree so Liz could not find her. Mia was very tired. Mia and Liz both started to look for each other. Soon, they bumped into each other. Liz was so happy to see Mia. They started to run home together.

Suddenly, hunters appeared out of nowhere and they were trying to kill them. Liz and Mia were trying to find the tall, yellow grass. They did and hid themselves in it. The hunters looked in three different directions but could not find Liz and Mia. They even looked in the yellow grass but the cheetahs were well camouflaged.

Then the hunters gave up and Liz and Mia hurried home.

Written by Regina

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