Jungle Friends

Once upon a time there was a saber tooth tiger named Rody and two snakes named Amy and Berner. They lived in the jungle. sabertoothRody was hungry and he was looking for food.

Berner and Amy saw Rody and they found a flower so they could camouflage with the flower. Rody could not see them because of their good camouflage. So Rody was still hungry and he ran away to look for more food.

Then Berner and Amy made a tree house to protect themselves from danger. They put a television in their tree house. Then they added some furniture, a bed and a blanket. Soon Berner and Amy fell asleep.

One hour later a very big sabertooth tiger broke the tree house. They woke up and got very, very mad. Berner and Amy drank a magic potion and grew very, very big. Then they made Rody the saber tooth tiger shrink.

Amy and Berner bit Rody. Rody got poisoned by their bite. A monkey came and he got something to heal Rody. The monkey and Rody talked to Amy and Berner. Then Amy, Berner, Rody and the monkey became friends.

Written by Calvin

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