The Best Day Ever

Last summer I went to Kings Dominion with my sister, Sam.  It was an hour long drive.  We stopped at Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and 7-11 to get snacks.  When we got there, there was barely anyone there, so we got a good parking spot.  We got inside and walked around and looked at shops.

Then we went on rides.  We went on a roller coaster.  We went up and up and up…then down! After that, we went on a ride that spun really fast and went up really hight, too.  My sister was really scared.  She closed her eyes and screamed.  We also went in a haunted mansion called Boo Blasters.  What you did was go on a ride and when a monster jumps out, you shoot him with a laser and you get points.  I beat my sister 745 to 356 points.  It was a little scary because monitors popped out, walls fell, and you went really close to a skeleton and he grabbed you.  They also took your picture.  In the picture, I was shooting a ghost and my sister was ducking.  It was a funny picture so we bought it.  I still have it in my room.  After we went to Boo Blasters, we went on a ride that spins and goes back and forth.

Next we went to the water park.  We got a locker and a code.  Then we changed and went in the Lazy River.  We went around several times.  It was nice to float around.  We got out and changed into our old clothes.  Then we couldn’t find our money.  Then Sam checked her purse and found it.  We got Dippin’ Dots.  We went on all the rides we wanted to, so we checked the gift shops.  I didn’t want anything, so we left.

We went to Cracker Barrel and ate pancakes.  I beat Sam a few times at checkers.  After we ate our food, we left.  When we got home, I told my mom and dad about the trip.  It was the best day ever!


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