Boom!  Even though an explosive, creepy creeper blows up my house, I will still like to play Minecraft.  At night I go out and fight furious animals and monsters like angry pigs, mad cows, and furious sheep in addition to explosive creepers, dangerous zombies, bad zombie pig men, creepy spiders, and the most dangerous of all – slender men and the wolves!  I can’t wait to go home and play Minecraft – my favorite activity!

The first thing I do is go chop trees to make my craft box and house.  I have to build my house during the day or if not, the monsters and the animals might get me.  The only thing I’m screed of is the creepers, flaming zombies and animals.  I have to tame the animals so I can get milk, meat, eggs, and chicken.  But before I do that, I have to find a bone to give to a wolf so it can protect me from the animals and monsters.  When I have the wolf, I go mining.

Now I get clay, diamonds, iron, rock, and soil.  I make two clay pots to get milk and water.  I have to make a shovel, sword, and an axe.  I go get dirt and flowers to feed to the animals.  Now, the cow gives me milk, the chicken gives me some eggs, and I can shave the sheep’s wool.  I go to the forest to chop trees and get pigs.  I make my bed of wool and wood.  I make my kitchen and stone cutter out of stone.

Now that I have my house and tools, I have to go get a string and more diamonds to make a bow and arrow to go hunt pigs so I can have dinner.  After that I went to get water so I can drink it.  After I’m done, I go to sleep.  Now I have everything I need.  I can now explode the rest of the land!


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