A Day in the Life of Michael Jordan

Today I am so happy because I am going to a Michael Jordan game with my mom.  Michael Jordan plays for the Chicago Bulls.  The Bulls are my and my mom’s favorite team.  Today’s game is in Chicago, so here I come Chicago!

michael jordanWhen I got to Chicago, I saw Michael Jordan talking to some kids.  I asked my mom if I could go talk to Michael Jordan.  She said, “I’ll go with you.”  When I met him, he told me he had won a slam dunk contest.  He was pretty friendly and serious, but mostly fun.

Today it was the Heat vs. the Chicago Bulls for the NBA championship.  Jordan scored his 3,000th point and the Bulls won.  Everybody clapped for Jordan.  When the game ended he told a reporter, “In a game, I felt like someone tapped me on my back and said I must do great things.”

When I got home, I looked up where he was born.  I couldn’t  believe he was born in Brooklyn, New York.  My grandpa was born there, too.  I found out a lot about him, but when I met him, it was a dream come true!


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