A Day in the Life of Leonardo da Vinci

Do you like painting?  If you do, then you have to read my story.  It was July 9, 1507.  I was visiting Leonardo’s house.  When I knocked on Leonardo da Vinci’s door, he was painting the famous Mona Lisa painting.  He looked disappointed.  I didn’t leonardo divinciknow why, so I asked him.  The problem is that I don’t know how to speak Italian.  After a few minutes, I was able to figure out what he said, and I felt sad because his father and uncle passed away.

When we were painting together, he saw my painting.  To me, it looked terrible.  Then he told me, “One can have no greater and no lesser mastery than one has over oneself.”  When he said that, I felt better.  He is really intelligent and can make people feel better.

When I was painting, one of Leonardo’s inventions made a lot of sound.  BAM!  CLINK!  BONG!  I went outside, and he was building a lot of things.  He was really inventive and creative.  He kept things organized.  Even though he was famous for making fine art, he can also invent.  The only thing I made was a toy tank, but he made a real tank!  WOW!

Even though it took a lot of hours to paint something really well and to make a lot of things, I had a lot of fun.  Because of that, it made me want to live with him every day, but I couldn’t.  Every time I paint something, I really need to follow his advice.  Would you have liked painting with Leonardo?


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