The Gingerbread House Trap

Once upon a time Ally and Amy were walking in the snowy forest. The weather was freezing, but they kept trudging through the snow. Soon they saw a house. The house was made out of M&Ms and Skittles. “Yummy,” said Ally.

gb housesAmy and Ally slowly sneaked to the window. Ally knocked on the door. A gingerbread man said, “Come in.” So they did. Then the gingerbread man locked the door! Suddenly Ally saw a trap. Ally said to the man, “Why do you have a trap and who is it for?” “It is for you,” said the gingerbread man and he pushed Ally and Amy into the trap!

Then Amy had an idea. Amy made a frosting key. This she said is for opening the door of the trap. So Ally opened the door and they ran out.

Amy saw another house. They went inside because Ally’s and Amy’s families were there. Ally said to her mom, “We had a horrible day.” Her mom said that she had made some cake for the family and we are having a happy day. Amy saw her sister Rochelle and then the whole family had a happy day.

Written by Alejandra

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