The Gingerbread House Escape

Once upon a time Mrs. Werle and a small gingerbread man were walking in the woods. They searched all around to find food because they were hungry. The Gingerbread man loved cookies. They looked at the trees, but there were no cookies gb3on the trees. They looked under some rocks and they found just one cookie. They shared the cookie, but Mrs. Werle and the Gingerbread man were still hungry.

They kept searching around and soon they found a gingerbread house. The gingerbread house had a door like a big chocolate bar. The roof looked like M&Ms and lollipops, too. They knocked on the door. A Big Gingerbread man said you can come in. He locked the door and they couldn’t go home. Mrs. Werle asked, “What can we do?” The small gingerbread man said, “Let’s trick him and make him go to sleep.” So Mrs. Werle sang a song to the Big Gingerbread man and he fell asleep.

They went out of the house and they got home. The small Gingerbread man’s mom said, “Did you have fun?” but the small Gingerbread man said, “No, we didn’t have fun!” and then they told all about what happened at the gingerbread house.

Written by Jovvanna

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