The Fishing Trip

On Sunday I did something fun with my dad! We went fishing.

fishingFirst, I ran to the boat and gave my dad the cup of worms. I put a worm on the hook so I could fish. I threw my hook in the water. Then ten fish saw the worm! I caught two fish.

My dad put a worm on his hook and five fish went to my dad’s side. My dad and I got a lot of fish, but then the boat broke! The lake only had a little water in it, so we could walk out of the lake. Then we went home and cooked the fish.

Written by Nayeli

2 thoughts on “The Fishing Trip

  1. Hello Nayeli glad to read your story again but when are you coming back to the friend ship team? Did you know that every day me and Alejandra cross our heart for our wishes the first one was for you to come back to our friend ship team? Also I left the team broken a part so I’m sorry.=^{

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