Teddy is Missing

One day I was at the park. I looked for Teddy but he was not there. I climbed a tree and found a note. It said, “Bye!! Off on vacation.”

teddy4On the way to the car I was looking for another note, but I did not find one. We tried to think of a vacation spot where Teddy might be. Then we had a great idea!

We went to the beach, but Teddy was not there. I got a bike from the store and raced to the water park. We went in the water and found brown fur. We took it out and found another note. It said, “I’m here at the snack bar.” We rushed to the snack bar. Teddy was working at the snack bar. We had found him at last.!

Written by Karby

6 thoughts on “Teddy is Missing

  1. hello I am Humayra the student who moved I miss you so much send me a message when you have time on this page the same website

    thank you

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