The Time Machine

One day Emely saw a time machine. We went inside and the time machine took us to ancient China.

clay soldiersThe first thing we saw was the Great Wall of China and there were fireworks in the sky. Did you know that China made gunpowder and used it to make fireworks?

Emely and I started walking and we took pictures of thousands of clay soldiers. I wondered what they we made of and what the Chinese used them for. Emely said that she wondered, too.

We kept walking and we found a Chinese market. We bought a compass which was invented by the Chinese. We used the compass to help us find our way back home. Suddenly, I saw a huge, stuffed animal and it had a door in it. Emely thought that maybe it would take us home. I said that maybe she was right, so we went through the door.

We came home safely. We told our families everything that had happened, but they didn’t believe us. Maybe we can go back again and take them with us.

~written by KB

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