Fun at Ancient China

One day Gisselle and I were playing at recess. When we got inside, I was tired and I leaned on the wall. Then a door started opening. Suddenly, I fell in!

Gisselle saw me fall in, so she got a rope with a hook and went after me. When we got there we were standing on the top of a great wall. “This looks like the chinese characterspictures of the Great Wall of China.” I said. They used the Great Wall to keep the barbarians away. It is 111,500 miles long. “WOW” yelled Gisselle.

We got off the wall and started walking. We saw a tie on the ground. We picked it up and it felt very soft and silky. I had an idea. I told Gissellle maybe we could find a silk factory. We found one and then we saw how silk was made from silkworm cocoons. We left the factory.

“I want to write in Chinese.” Gisselle said. I found a paper with characters on it. “Is this the ancient China writing?”Gisselle asked. Then she wrote Chinese characters on the back of the paper.

Soon fireworks started. As fast as lightening, I grabbed my camera. I took cool pictures of the fireworks. They looked like a flower, dragon, stars and the Huang He River.

I wanted to go home, so I got a compass to find the Great Wall again. When we got there I leaned on the wall and the door opened.

When we got back, school had almost ended. It was the end of the day. It seemed like we had been in ancient China for so long, but when school ended, it had only been 1 hour and 15 minutes.

~written by AG

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