Curious George Goes to School

This is George. He was a good little monkey and he was always curious. One day the man in the yellow hat and George rode in a car to the elementary school. When the car stopped, the man in the yellow hat told George to be a good little monkey.

George went inside and went to PE and started playing dodge ball. He accidentally popped the ball. Mr. C threw in a new ball. George got hit by a ball but he curious georgestayed in the game! George didn’t follow the rule that said he was out. So Mr. C was not happy with George. Mr. C told George to go to Mr. Horan’s door, but George didn’t. He kept playing!

Soon it was time for the class to leave. George didn’t follow the class. He went to the copier in the teacher’s room. He started playing with it. Soon Mr. Horan came in and picked him up. He called the man in the yellow hat. George cleverly slipped out of Mr. Horan’s hands.

Then he went to the cafeteria and started throwing food! George felt bad for the cafeteria workers so he picked up all the thrown food. The lunch ladies were so happy. They gave George a toy!

Soon it was time to leave school. George told everything about his day to the man in the yellow hat. But even as he left, George was still curious about the copier.

~written by JV











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