The Room Disaster

One day my room was very messy. So I called my sister to help me clean my room. When she was cleaning under my bed she saw a blue boomerang. My sister threw the blue boomerang and it went all the way to California! My sister looked at me and said, “Now I have to clean the rest of the house, so you just clean your boomerangmessy room.”

I had just finished cleaning my room when the boomerang came back and messed up my room again in two seconds. My sister looked mad. I told her it was the boomerang.

Next, I had to organize my books and I made 3 stacks of books that were 100 feet tall. I was so tired of doing that, I needed some water. Whoops! I spilled cold water on the floor. Suddenly, it froze into an iceberg!

My sister looked at the icy floor. She had an idea! “Maybe we can get a green, four leaf clover to bring us luck,” she said. My sister found one in our backyard. Then we went back to the room and it was clean. Wow! That was some luck.

A Tall Tale written by AG

6 thoughts on “The Room Disaster

  1. Dear AG,
    I like the idea of the boomerang causing all the mess. Great, creative idea! The story ends on a happy note too. I like happy endings 🙂
    Mrs. Drake

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