Playing in the Park

Yesterday my friend Karla and I went to the park. The park had monkey bars, swings, slides and a seesaw.

playgroundFirst, we went to the slide. The slide was so high we could touch the clouds. The clouds were so soft! Then we went to the swings. Karla pushed me on my swing and it started going as fast as an airplane. I was so scared! The swing went super high. I could touch the leaves at the top of the trees. We swung for 3 days!

Then I went to the lake by my house. I saw another swing. I asked Karla if she wanted to swing on that swing. She said, “Yes.” We got on the swing.

It was so much fun swinging with my friend Karla. We went home but we decided we would go to the park again.

A Tall Tale written by EL

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