The Robot

“WHOAA!”  I said when I walked into my giant house and my new room.  I was putting up my Baltimore Ravens collection and I noticed that I had a crack in the ceiling.  I opened up the crack and it was dirty in the first part of it.  I went and turned and found a portal to another world.

The portal was awesome!  It was blue, purple, and white.  I go in the portal and discover the awesome world of CAPTAIN UNDER PANTS!  I look around and there I see Captain Under Pants beating up Dr. Tinker Trousers.  I find the robot of Dr. Tinker Trousers and bring it home without him knowing.

When I get home I bring the robot to my mom and my mom says I can hide from my brother and my four sisters.  I go in the robot and it has a bedroom, kitchen, TV, and an Xbox 360 inside. My mom can’t get me out because it is so much fun inside the robot.



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