The Cave

“Hmm, what’s this button doing in my closet,” I said while I was packing up my clothes.  I pushed the button.  “WOW.”  I saw a cave in front of me.  I studied the cave but didn’t go in.  Knock knock.  I said, “Who is it?”

“Jonathan,” said my little brother. I had to open the door so my little brother could come in.

“What is that?” said Jonathan.

“It’s a cave,” I replied.

“Could we go explore?  I have my boots, my flashlight and sweatshirt.  please.…….”

“Ok fine,” I answered.  I put on my boots, sweatshirt and grabbed my flashlight, too.  We rushed in!!  We walked and walked until we came to a sign that said, “CAUTION!  TIME TUNNEL AHEAD!!!!”  We hesitated, but my brother wanted to go farther so we did!

Whoosh!  We went in the time tunnel.  “WOW!” said my brother and I.  We were in THE ICE AGE!!!  My brother and I saw awesome animals like the saber toothed tiger!  We also saw Native Americans hunting a mammoth.

We only stayed 5 minutes until my brother said, “Ahh.”

“What?” I said.  I turned back and saw a saber toothed tiger!  My brother and I ran as fast as we could.  We went in the time tunnel and traveled through time back home.  I pushed the button and the cave was closed.  I was happy were safe at home!

One thought on “The Cave

  1. Great story! You caught my attention from the start and I wanted to read on to find out what happened at the end.

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