Slumber Party Secret

“Okay mom.  I’m almost done!” I only have one box left to unpack, my earrings.  I think I’m going to love our new house.  “Mom, did you know my wall is cracked?” I yelled.  No answer from mom.  I’ll just check it out really quickly.

I grabbed my flashlight and started to explore.  As soon as I walked through the crack, I looked down and could see my house.  It was much smaller than I thought it was.  I looked all around and realized that I was in space.  A shooting star went by me so fast.  I could not believe my eyes!  I better get back before mom notices I’m gone.

As soon as I get back to my room I ran downstairs to let mom know.  “You will never believe where I just was!” I said.  I told mom everything and I was right. She did not believe me.

As soon as I start my new school and make new friends, I will have the best slumber parties ever!  But until then it will have to be my little secret.



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