Scorpion vs. Raiden

I heard the moving truck stop while I was in my dads green Lamborghini.  I entered my new house.  I was fixing my game console so I could play Mortal Kombat on my PS3.  I found a crack in front of me, but I ignored it.  After playing awhile, I stopped and grabbed my tools and flashlight and went in the crack because I was bored.


I found a scorpion on the ground.  I put on my gloves and touched it.  He turned half human and half scorpion.  He told me that Raiden the god of lightning turned him into a scorpion.  He showed me his secret lair, and his pet was a big 5 foot high scorpion.  He showed me his other costumes.  Also scorpion put me on a bed and gave me powers like him.  We went hunting in the city.

I met other people like Lu Kang, Smoke, Reptile, Borraca, Jax and my favorite, Kratos.  I said to myself, “This place is awesome!” There were slaves, gods, monsters, and demons everywhere.  We went to this place where lightning was everywhere.  We went in a portal where it takes us to Raidens place.  We found a whole bunch of lightning animals on the floor.  Scorpion said, “Crush them or else they shock you.”

I used my scorpion power and then we heard laughter.

A voice said, “You will never defeat me!” We saw Kung Lao and he said, “Son why are you doing this?”

We battled and won.  Scorpion let me keep his powers.  When I came back to my room I saw scorpion stuff everywhere.  I said to myself. “What a day!”



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