Rainbow Surprise

Once upon a time, Emely and I were on our way to Karla’s house. Suddenly we saw a beautiful rainbow. Emely said we will get Karla and then we will follow the rainbow.

rainbow2We ran to Karla’s house. Then we got her. We told her to come outside. When we got outside, I suddenly saw an elevator at the end of the rainbow! I told Emely and Karla we should go to the end of the rainbow! Karla went into her house to tell her mom to drive us to the end of the rainbow. She said OK.

We got in the car. Then Karla’s mom drove us to the end of the rainbow. We got out of the car. Then we ran straight to the elevator.

When we got inside we saw rows of colors in the order like the rainbow. We smelled cotton candy in each row. We decided to go in the purple row. We stepped n the purple row. It felt soft!

We were tired so we sat down on the soft, purple row. We thought we were sliding down a slide but, I still could feel the soft purple row. I thought we were near the end of the rainbow because the rainbow is a curve. When we got to the bottom we saw something. We got closer to the thing.

When we got close enough we saw a pot. We looked inside the pot. We saw cotton candy inside the pot. We decided to take some home. But when we got home and we checked on the cotton candy, it was not there! We thought a leprechaun took it, but we didn’t see a leprechaun in the rainbow.

When I got home I found out my brother had cotton candy all over his face! I thought so! I knew it. That stinky thief ate all of our cotton candy.


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