A Nice Surprise

One day I was at school with Astrid. It was time to go home. As we were walking back home we saw bright colors. It was a rainbow!

All of a sudden the rainbow was shining down to the ground. We wondered if something will come out of the shining spot! Suddenly something did! It was a rainbow4rainbow colored elevator.

Astrid and I decided to go inside the elevator and we did. We saw all the sections – red, green, orange and purple. We went to all of the sections. The last color we went to was blue. The blue section was filled with blueberries.

Astrid and I looked down and… WHOOPS! We slid down. The blueberries were splattering everywhere! And …BONK! We fell down hard. Then we noticed something. We looked up and we made it to the end of the rainbow.

We started looking for the treasure. Then Astrid saw something black. It was the pot. Astrid and I opened the pot and there were sapphires, rubies and emeralds! I got the sapphires. Astrid got the rubies and we saw a large pile of emeralds. We wanted to share the last pile.

Then the leaves on the evergreen tree were shaking. A leprechaun came out and we decided to give the leprechaun the emeralds. Astrid and I went back home.


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