Happy Birthday!

“Happy Birthday!” shouted my friends and family when I walked in the venue blindfolded.  As I walked in I saw all of the girls.  After I greeted all of my family and friends I saw Clementine and Kristi, my favorite fictional characters.  I was so excited to get the party started.

Kristi, Clementine, and I were playing games when my dad announced, “Attention!  We will now have a contest to see who can dance the best.  The winner will get a 1st place medal.  If you are interested, meet me on the dance floor.”

Kristi and Clementine really wanted to win a medal so they raced to the dance floor.  Kristi and Clementine busted out some good moves but there could only be one winner.

When my mom announced, “And the winner is Clementine,” Kristi didn’t wait until my mom could finish and ran off crying.  I ran to go get her and told her it was a tie.  She and Clementine both got a medal.  I told my dad to pump up the music and Kristi, Clementine, and I danced all night.  My birthday party might have its ups and downs but it was still the best birthday ever!


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