Happy Birthday

I thought my mom was taking me for an ordinary walk to a playground but she went in the other direction to the county park.  We went in.  “Surprise!”  It was my birthday party.  There were red, bright blue, yellow and green balloons.  I also saw a big sign that said “Happy Birthday”.  Then I saw my two favorite fictional characters, Jay and Dave.  I beamed with joy.  I am going to have the best party ever!

It was time to play Limbo!  We were going to play some music.  So I turned the music on.

Dave said, “No talking and no music right now!”

Jay said, “No way.  We have to have music because the music goes with the game limbo.  We have the right to talk.  If you don’t want to talk then you don’t.”

“Fine,” said Dave,…”but when somebody wins, we will do another round and that time no talking and no music.”  We played the game and Jay won.  We played again with no music and no talking.

“Time for yummy lunch,” called my dad.

We all had cheeseburgers with lettuce and carrots on top and potato chips with salt and vinegar.  We also had fruit punch to drink.  When we were done we were going to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

So I called out and said, “Who wants to play another game?”

When Dave came over he said, “No talking.  No laughing and no cheering either!”

Jay was extremely mad!  I told Dave to stop saying no talking or I was going to kick him out of the party.  Finally Dave enjoyed the party and didn’t say, “No talking.”  And I had the best party ever!


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