Happy Birthday

The day of my birthday I came home from school, I was confused that my house was silent.  When I opened the door everything was dark.  Then suddenly, “Surprise!”

I could not believe my eyes.  My two favorite fictional characters were in front of me!  Charlotte and Greg were getting along pretty well but something got them kind of mad.  They saw my chocolate ice cream cake – Greg’s and Charlotte’s favorite. They were both fighting over it and I had to do something.  We all know people are stronger than spiders so eventually Greg was going to have it.

“Stop!” said Greg because he wanted the piece of chocolate cake.  Luckily Charlotte does not get mad, but she was sad.

I tried to get a bug that was on the ground for her.  Charlotte felt better.  We played tag, hide and go seek and Charlotte was with Greg all the time!  It was the best birthday party ever!


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