Happy Birthday

“Surprise!” shouted my friends and family.  I saw my birthday party in a huge ballroom.  I walked in and smiled.  I was really excited.  My friends and family said, “Happy Birthday!” really loud.  I thought it would be the best party ever when I saw my two favorite fictional characters – Charlotte and Greg were there.

When I was talking to my dad I saw Charlotte at the lunch table.  I went over to Charlotte.  “Hi!” I said.

Greg came over and looked mad.  He said, “Spiders aren’t allowed in parties.  They make a mess with their webs.”

I told Greg, “Don’t worry about any webs.  My mom will clean them up.”

I tried to distract Greg by playing limbo.  When Greg got out he yelled, “That’s not fair!  Charlotte is little. So she’s going to win!”

I told Greg, “We have another game and you might win that one.  So, we started playing freeze dance.

Greg still wasn’t happy.  He said, “Charlotte is little and you can’t see if she’s dancing or freezing.”

I told Greg, “Stop being mad.  We are at a birthday party.  We’re supposed to have fun, so try and enjoy the party.  It doesn’t matter who wins the games.  Everyone will get a prize.”

Greg said, “Sorry Charlotte.  I was just mad that you kept winning, Aeri’s right.  Let’s just have fun.”

After that we broke the horse piñata, and ate an ice cream cake and had lots of fun.  I had the best party ever.


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