Happy Birthday

“Happy birthday!” my friends shouted when I walked into the park.  I looked at all of my friends and a few balloons labeled Happy Birthday!  I beamed when I saw my two favorite fictional characters – Mallory and Junie B Jones.  This was going to be the best party ever!

Our first activity was Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Since I was the birthday girl I got to go first.  I had to blindfold my eyes and pin the donkey’s tail.  I picked Mallory to go next and that’s when the trouble started.  Mallory had trouble seeing.  I told her that’s how the game works.  Then Mallory peeked just a little.

Junie B. shouted, “Cheater! She cheated.”

“Oh No!” I said to myself, “If I don’t calm Junie B down she won’t stay.”  I went over to Junie B and said, “Let’s play bobbing for apples.”  Mallory wanted to play too.

Junie B said, “No, Michelle is my friend, not yours.”

I told Junie B “I am both of your friends and I want you two to be friends too.  Can we all just get along and play the next game?”

Junie B said, “I’m not playing with her until she stops cheating.”

Mallory said, “I’m sorry I peeked, I promise I won’t cheat again.”

We all bobbed for apples and Mallory didn’t cheat.  Junie B was happy and we all were friends.  We ate cake, opened presents and won prizes.  Everyone had a good time.  My party was the best party ever.


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