Snake’s Amazing Adventure

Oh my! I looked at the calendar and it was already October 1st! We have to hibernate soon. We had better eat a lot of snake food. Next we will get our suitcase and get our blanket. Maybe we should bring a pillow, some clothes and a toy.

snake on treeThen I went into the forest. I heard a strange sound. That strange sound was a monkey. The monkey tried to eat me! I bit the monkey and the monkey started going crazy.  I escaped from him. I went deeper into the forest.

Then I heard a bird. It was a falcon. Suddenly the falcon flew down to me. The falcon caught me but then the falcon flew into a tree. BAM!! I wrapped myself around a tree branch and I got away. Then I found some rocks. I hibernated under the rocks. I was so tired. I went to sleep.

Written by EP

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