Crabby the Crab

crab2Brrrrrr!  The water was freezing cold!  As Crabby the crab migrates to a warmer place, she has quite an adventure.  Crabby was very cold, so she came out of the water.  She waited and she looked until she found a house.  She went to the house.  Then somebody came out or the house.  She screamed, “AHHHHH!”

It was a crab.  She told the crab to go away, but the crab didn’t.  So she put her back on and headed for the ocean.  When she was in the ocean, she bumped into a shark.  The shark threw her.  After she was thrown, she was crying.  Then she bumped into the shark again.  The shark just stared at Crabby.  Crabby started swimming as fast as she could.  The shark swam faster.  Crabby found a place to hide.  She saw a piranha.  The piranha killed the shark.  Crabby went and said, “Thank you!”

She went back out and swam until she found a warm place to make her home.

By: MA

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