Cora the Crab

crabWoosh! The wind was blowing me away!  Cora the crab migrates to a warmer place and has quite an adventure.  Cora tried to get to the ocean when the wind was blowing.  She was very, very cold.  She tried to run, but the wind blew her away.  She closed her eyes.  When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was next to the ocean.  Cora was so happy.

When Cora was at the ocean, she saw something coming to her.  She got so scared.  When it got closer, it was just Cora’s friend.  Cora and her friend were playing when they were migrating.  Cora and her friend saw something that scared them.  Cora and her friend went swimming as fast as they could.  They were so scared that they wanted to get out of the ocean.  Cora and her friend escaped from the scary thing.  They were happy that they escaped.

Cora and her friend were almost there.  They kept on swimming until they got to a warmer place.

By: YA

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