Buggy the Ladybug

Brrrrr, Brrrrr, Brrrrrrrrr!  It was chilly outside as Buggy slipped through the window.  Suddenly, she went into the kitchen.  She saw four people sitting at the table.  There were three white people and one African American.  Buggy had quite an adventure as she migrated to a warmer place.  It was almost Fall!  It was getting cold outside.  Buggy knocked on the door of the house.  When the door opened, Buggy flew up into a tree.  Buggy broke her wing.  She couldn’t fly out of the tree with one wing.

ladybugsFirst, she met a squirrel.  His name was Jack.  Jack and Buggy had fun that day.  When it was night, Buggy woke up she said, “I HAVE TO GET INSIDE BEFORE MIDNIGHT!”  Jack rubbed his head and said, “What?”  Buggy told Jack that she had to get inside before midnight because of the cold.  Jack didn’t know what a house was.  Buggy told him that it was somewhere that people lived.  “I can carry you but not right now,” said Jack.  Buggy told jack that she could not live in the winter or fall.  “I can’t stay here at midnight,” said Buggy.

Jack carried Buggy through the garden to the window.  She flew inside.  It was 9:30 and someone woke up.  They carried her back outside.  She dug and dug and dug in the dirt until she couldn’t dig no more.  She landed on something slimy.  It was really, really slimy.  It was…… a slug!  She hid and the slug said, “Do you need anything?”  She told the slug that she needed to get into the house.  “Just go up the pipe,” said the slug.  She went up the pipe and came out of the sink.  She could smell a plan, but she could not get to it.  She was scared to jump.  She went back through the little hole in the sink and back to the slug’s home.  She was terrified!

She stopped suddenly!  She grew her wing back.  Buggy was very happy.  She flew through the window and stayed in the warm house all winter.

By: DS

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