The Greatest Adventure Yet

On Saturday three of my sea turtle friends came with their shiny suitcases. They told me we have to hurry because the days are getting colder and shorter. A lot of animals are leaving. I wonder if it’s our turn.

sea turtles 2All right let’s get packing. I wonder if I have to pack some snacks. Soon two of my friends came. Their names are Carolina and Tweety. My name is Toby. “All right, let’s get going,” said Toby. “Uh, I think I forgot something,” said Carolina. She got her book for the trip and we started swimming to Florida.

Carolina saw a blue whale. “Probably that blue whale is friendly,” said Tweety. The blue whale was crying. He said that his name was Boo. “What is the matter?” asked Tweety. Boo said he needed a friend to play with him. We will play with you.

“We need to go,” said Tweety. Carolina told us not to worry. Toby wanted to play sea ball, but Boo did not know how to play. We told him that when a bubble pops out, you throw it. Then another blue whale appeared. Her name was Bowin and she wanted to play too. So we kept on playing sea ball.

“I see a clown fish,” said Tweety. “Hello,” said the clown fish. Toby said hi. “Do you want to play with me?” asked the clown fish. Toby wanted to go shopping but Tweety and Caroline said, “FOR THE LAST TIME, WE HAVE TO GO!”

They wanted to buy flippers and goggles, so they went to the mall and bought them. The clown fish told everyone goodbye. Toby, Caroline and Tweety put on their flippers and goggles and started swimming to Florida.

“Hey, I can feel the warm water,” said Tweety. “I think this is the place,” said Toby. They were excited! I wonder what state we are in. “I think it is Florida,” said Toby. They sat down and ate. We had a great adventure and we will enjoy the winter in Florida.

Written by BQ

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Adventure Yet

  1. I am glad that Caroline and Tweety were patient and went to the store with Toby to get the flippers and goggles.

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