My Migration Adventure

On Saturday three of my best sea turtle friends came with their blue suitcases. They told me we have to hurry because the days were getting shorter and cooler, sea turtlesso we will have to migrate to Florida soon. I packed my favorite clothes. I called the pet nanny to take care of Goldy my pet goldfish.

It was a very long trip but three long hours later, I got off the green airplane. I had to swim a mile! I finally got to a place that I liked.

Suddenly I heard a strange sound! It was a mob of grumpy old squids. I camouflaged very well with the seaweed so they could not see me. I guess we cannot stay here.

“We are hungry,” we all shouted loudly. We ordered some large curly fries, cheeseburgers and we could not forget the fresh cold Coca Cola. After we ate all of the food, we had  huge chubby bellies. We were so full.

By the time we got to Florida, we were so sweaty and skinny because we walked a lot. But thank goodness we found a warm place to stay for the winter. I checked to make sure everything was safe. It was just perfect! Just like I wanted it to be for the whole winter.

Written by GS

One thought on “My Migration Adventure

  1. Gisselle, I loved your part about the pet nanny. I also really liked the part of your story where they go and get cheeseburgers, fries and Coke. You did a great job adding adjectives (chubby, fresh cold). They make it very interesting.

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